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Our activities are all about creating memorable memories and making sure everybody is enjoying their time. What other way to achieve that the best than some proper action packed activities. Guaranteed fun and a more energetic feeling all whilst having great fun.

Action & Fun Activities in Barcelona

For those who like to show off their off-road skills then quad biking is just the thing. These quad bikes and your skill are all you have to pitch yourself against.... read more

You will be left breathless as you zoom around the track at incredible speeds of up to 70km/h. When you have caught your breath after the first race.... read more

Blow off steam, explore a new activity, and imagine yourself the star of the zaniest new sport in this incredible Bubble Football extravaganza!.... read more

This will be your chance to put the theory into practice and demonstrate your control, speed and skill at the wheel. Discover new boundaries as you.... read more

Let´s see who can hold on for the longest time before the inevitable fall into the water happens! You can’t come to Barcelona beach and not experience the.... read more

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