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Best Exclusive Experiences in Barcelona

The Barcelona Shhh selection, these experiences are for visitors that are not satisfied with the standard tourist hotspots who like to be the first in everything avoiding crowds and queues.


If you get turned off by being in places filled with people listening to the same touristic explanation that you can find in any pamphlet or Wikipedia, then you have come to the right place.

A private tour of the facilities for you and your partner or friends before inviting you to enjoy our private catering complete with full 4 course meal..... read more

The F3 220 break horse power machines are so light that you will feel yourself flying round the track at amazing speeds as you literally hug the.... read more

From the food and wine to the accommodation no detail has been spared to allow you to experience the very best Barcelona has to offer..... read more

The building is one of the least known historic sites of the city and is a stunning example of neoclassic architecture, it was the site of the first.... read more

Be thrilled as you take this monster around the track, testing your every nerve and muscle! At the end of the course, you will receive a... read more

What you do with your time is up to you, you can choose to take a dip in the sea, sunbathe, sip some ice cool cava and eat some of... read more

Every experience we offer has been carefully curated for the discerning visitors. We do not mass market our experiences and 80% are never published anywhere. There are many privately and publicly owned buildings and establishments in Catalunya that require trusting personal relationships to open their doors, from historic academies to private dwellings owned by the local bourgeoisie. Lifestyle Barcelona has spent many years cultivating these relationships and today we are excited to launch our “Shhh Selection” Our range to exclusive, fun and secretly indulgent experiences.


Just when you thought you knew everything about Barcelona, with this range of experiences you will get to meet and dine with some of the most influential personalities in, Arts, Culture, Science, Gastronomy, Music, Sports and Technology scene. You will also have access to restaurants that have months waiting lists along with other dining experiences for your pleasure.


The best part of our “Shhh Selection“ is that every experience is tailor-made to suit your desires with all the elements carefully constructed to give you the exclusive sense of the Barcelona Lifestyle!

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