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Formula 1 Two-Seater Experience


Once you’ve got your breath back, you’re sure to be heading home grinning from ear to ear.


Formula 1 has never been as popular as it is today. Many dream of experiencing what it would be like to be racing down the straight of a F1 circuit at 300km/h. Well, now your dream can come true! Thanks to a specially designed F1 car which can take 2 passengers and the expert driver! 

On arrival at the circuit, you will be welcomed by a professional team of people with years of experience in the world of F1 who will brief you and kit you out with the necessary racing gear.


Then, surrounded by F1 cars in the pit box just on the side of the straight, you will get into the LR3S 3-seater for 2 laps of the national circuit driven by a professional F1 driver. This experience is no leisurely Sunday ride.


Every corner will be pushed to the limit as you get a glimpse of what it takes to steer these magnificent monsters around a track just like the great drivers of our time!!!

What You Need To Know

  • About Price:  Per person (2 laps on the GP circuit)

  • Participants:  Maximum 2 participants per ride. For groups call for more info.

  • Location:  Barcelona

  • Available days:  Upon request

  • Duration:  Depending on the numbers

  • Weather:  The experience is only affected by extreme weather conditions

  • What to wear:  Comfortable clothing. Safety gear and racing suit will be provided.

  • Additional info:  Public transport to the circuit is not ideal therefor private transport is highly recommended. Each participant can bring up to companions.

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