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Nordic Walking Experience Barcelona

37,00 €

Enjoy a 90 minute guided introduction to Nordic Walking on the outskirts of Barcelona!

Enjoy a 90 minute guided introduction to Nordic Walking within the city of Barcelona 

 Boost your energy levels and reduce stress levels
 Enjoy the natural sights of Barcelona

Being on holiday doesn't have to mean throwing caution to the wind and ignoring your health. Nordic Walking is becoming more and more popular around the globe as the perfect way to both enjoy nature while giving your body the best possible exercise.


Using poles similar to those used by skiers, you get a much more even workout throughout your body as you not only move forward with your legs but use your arms vigorously as well. This considerably increases your cardiovascular activity meanwhile you can take in the sights of nature at its best.


This activity is considered to significantly improve the condition of your muscles, heart and lungs. It will boost your energy levels and help you to ward off many medical conditions which affect your heart and arteries as well as improving stress levels.

What You Need To Know

  • About Price: Per person

  • Participants: Minimal 2 people

  • Location: Outside Barcelona

  • Available days: Upon request

  • Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Weather: This experience may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions

  • What to wear: Walking shoes and clothing recommended

  • Additional info: Food is not included in the price. The tour can be done in English.

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