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See Sharks Under Water 


Discover the underwater world close up. Give it a go and experience something unique!


Have you ever hoped to become scuba-certified, watching the wild underwater world unfurl around you? How about nailing it on your first try? In this activity, would-be divers can learn the basics of scuba diving and even glimpse incredible undersea animals.


  • Explore Barcelona’s largest aquarium with an expert guide

  • Discover the basics of scuba diving, including using a regulator and hand signals

  • Watch some of the world’s most fascinating sea creatures close up


Learning scuba diving opens you up to a whole new world of deep-blue excitement. In this activity, you can learn the basics from a qualified instructor and then--with the instructor’s help--you can practice breathing underwater while you observe sharks, moray eels, and more.


After a guided tour of the aquarium, you and your crew will take part in your first scuba lesson. There, you will learn how to use a regulator, hand signals, and buoyancy control. Once you have mastered the basics, your instructor will guide you through a stunning experience on the observation platform: gazing down through blue water at the sharks, eels, fish, and coral breathing and moving below you.


This activity is more than an incredible way to spend a morning; it is an unforgettable adventure sure to please any who love the ocean and all things mysterious.

What You Need To Know

  • About Price:  Per person

  • Participants:  Maximum 4 participants

  • Location:  Barcelona

  • Available days: Upon request

  • Duration:  2 Hours 30 Minutes

  • Weather:  The weather does not influence this activity.

  • What to wear:  Swim-wear is necessary. The diving suit and masks will be provided.

  • Additional info:  Participants will see species such as the black tip and white tip shark

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